Cabinet Refinishing

Make Your Kitchen And Bathrooms Look New With Cabinet Refinishing in Chino Hills & Corona

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Replacing kitchen and bathroom cabinets in your Chino Hills or Corona home can be costly project in any household. Using our cabinet refinishing services is a more affordable option that provides a great look and style that is customized to your décor and color scheme.

Choosing cabinet refinishing is ideal if you like the style, storage space, and overall design of the current cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom. Rather than removing perfectly good cabinets due to surface damage, faded or outdated colors, or a desire to give the room a new look, bathroom and kitchen cabinet refinishing offers a faster and cheaper process while still creating the ideal space.
Cabinet Resurfacing

The Refinishing Process

Cabinet Refinishing Services

Our goal at Revive & Refinish is to exceed our customers’ expectations with all our painting and cabinet refinishing services. We start by talking with our customers to determine the look they want to achieve in each room of the home. Typically, painting and refinishing projects are done together to give the space a fresh new look and style.

However, the experts at Revive & Refinish can also provide refinishing as a stand-alone project for bathroom and kitchen cabinets. We also work on cabinets throughout the home, including in laundry rooms, bar areas, or any other room of the home.

Once we understand the final look you want, we then create a strategic plan for the project. We complete both cabinet refinishing and cabinet refacing, depending on the project.

Wood Cabinet Refinishing

The Differences

Cabinet Makeover

Cabinet refacing removes the veneer on the cabinets and replaces it with the desired color and style. The doors and drawer fronts are also replaced, creating a new look without replacing the structural components.

Cabinet refinishing involves stripping the existing paint or stain off the cabinet box, cabinet door and drawer fronts, and then painting or staining to the desired color.

Our experienced refinishers will evaluate your kitchen and bathroom cabinets and make recommendations based on the current cabinets and what you want to change. We always provide a free estimate for the project, and we take the time to answer questions so our customers in Chino Hills and Corona can make an informed decision on how to proceed with the project.

When you are ready to give your bathroom or kitchen cabinets a brand new look, call on the cabinet refinishing experts at Revive & Refinish. Reach us by phone at 858-239-2229 to schedule an appointment or discuss your project.

We specialize in cabinet refinishing and aim to provide an affordable, hassle-free, and transformative solution to elevate the look and feel of any kitchen, bathroom, or other room in need of a cabinet refresh.
Cabinet Refinishing

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